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Curious incident of the soap and the shower in the morning

Woke Sunday morning after a great nights sleep in our quaint and peculiar room, still feeling the after effects of the potent Tsatziki from the night before. Very delicious but the onion and garlic was off the scale. The room is charming, the shower in the bathroom less so. A small square shower tray squeezed in a corner between the loo on one wall and the sink with cupboard above on the other wall. I've been looking everywhere for all the Greek people with 3 arms because that's what you need for a comfortable shower in Greece. Why isn't there a hook for the blooming shower head? Well actually this shower does have a hook but it's at waist level. Brilliant for showering my knees! Also, have they never thought of shower cubicles with glass and sliding doors? This one has the strangest shower curtain arrangement I've ever seen. First of all it dangles to far inside the already small shower tray making it even smaller but wait, that's not the best bit. It's suspended by what can only be described as half an umbrella's spokes that pivot in the corner and fan out in an arc from the cupboard on the wall above the sink to the wall above the loo. So we've got an arc of shower curtain hanging too far inside an already too small and square shower tray. I physically can't fit inside the space without either the curtain sticking to my backside or the afore mentioned posterior knocking the low level shower control to either scalding hot or freezing cold. With my knees well and truly rinsed, I attempt to hold the shower head at normal shower head height whilst trying to wash everything above my knees including my head. After disengaging my backside from the curtain several times and using a sequence of rinse, soap, rinse again I now attempt to shampoo. Shower head in one hand shampoo bottle with a screw top in the other. Shower head in holder, rinse knees again, unscrew bottle top, apply shampoo, put bottle back in wire soap rack, shampoo bottle falls over spilling contents, put top on shampoo, aaargh soap in eyes, fumble for shower head, bend down, curtain stuck to bum, drop shower head, bend down further to retrieve shower head which now sprays in my face causing me to straighten up suddenly catching my head on cupboard above sink. Once I rinse the shampoo out of my eyes I find the shower curtain is no longer inside the shower tray and the towel on the floor outside the shower is sodden. Jo heard the bang of head against cupboard and asks if I'm alright. "Use some conditioner" she suggests. "All that sea water". Later we go down for breakfast on the terrace, only one of us has conditioned hair.

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